About Omer Barnes

Omer Barnes is a successful businessman with a background in real estate development and construction in the Tri-State region. He has a passion for improving the lives of others and is dedicated to his family and community.

Barnes operates his real estate and construction business in the Englewood Cliffs area of New Jersey. His business encompasses a variety of construction projects, including residential and commercial properties. Barnes is well-respected in the industry and frequently receives referrals for projects in his areas of expertise and related fields.

Throughout his career, Barnes has worked on projects of all sizes, starting with single-family homes and expanding to larger developments, including high-rise apartment buildings with hundreds of units. He focuses on finishing work, including flooring, trim, kitchen construction, counter installation, doors, fixtures, ceramics, and more.

Barnes received an MBA from Manchester University and gained extensive construction and development knowledge through hands-on experience and mentorship. His expertise covers various aspects of construction, including safety measures and legal and code requirements.

As a real estate developer and construction professional, Barnes has worked with various private and governmental entities, honing his skills in negotiation, communication, and project management. He understands the importance of outlining the scope of a project, setting deadlines, and calculating costs for raw materials, labor, and potential delays.

In his role, Barnes values clear and timely communication with clients, whether they are homeowners, business owners, or government entities. He believes frequent updates and transparency can help boost confidence in a project and keep everyone satisfied with the process.

As a family man, Barnes prioritizes providing the best life for his children and is dedicated to their education and extracurricular activities. Omer Barnes also supports their growth and access to the American dream.